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 Our services are by appointment only and require   prior organization approval.


 Services limited to Whatcom Co. Washington

 ***Exceptions considered***

Veterinary Services

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TNR Services

TNR Services

RPV TNR is a premier, inclusive, full service, start to finish feral cat program. We achieve our mission by establishing close RELATIONSHIPS with feral cat colony caretakers, providing EDUCATION and resource support, employing our humane personalized TNR program services, and by providing quality, compassionate, VETERINARY CARE. There is no other program like it! All by the dynamic duo of Dr. Monroe and Rhonda Shaffer.

We say "a trapper and a vet... you bet!" 

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"Helping feral cats 

one colony at a time"

Since May 2021 RPV TNR has


All age appropriate feral cats are spayed/neutered, ear tipped, vaccinated, and receive a dose of Revolution.  They also receive an abbreviated exam, any immediate, necessary medical care, ear cleaning if needed, and a brief grooming. ​

provided services for 685 feral cats

Fix and Fancy

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A feral cat is an unsocialized outdoor cat who has either never had any physical contact with humans, or human contact has diminished over enough time that it is no longer accustomed to it. Most feral cats are fearful of people and are not likely to ever become a lap cat or enjoy living indoors.

TNR is an acronym which means Trap/Neuter/Return



An ear tip (usually left ear) is a universally recognized symbol of a cat who has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Ear tipping is a standard part of most TNR programs because it is simply the best method to let everyone know at a glance that the cat has gone through the program. 

What is a feral cat? 

What is TNR?

What is an ear tip?

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Feral cat contact information


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