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Helping give second chances...

Rescue Pet Vet and its mission of providing professional, quality, compassionate, veterinary care exclusively to non-profit organizations is now under the name and guidance of SPAY NEUTER NORTHWEST.  Ferndale WA.  ***Also owned and operated by Dr. Christine Monroe.    360.812.5439


"Helping feral cats one colony at a time"

Rescue Pet Vet
Feral Cat TNR Program

Rescue Pet Vet provides professional, compassionate, and humane, feral cat TNR services from start to finish.

"Helping reduce feral cat overpopulation"

  RPV TNR Program has helped improve the     

       lives of nearly 3500 feral cats to date

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RPV Kitten Crew

During our feral cat TNR services we encounter kittens that are too young to undergo certain veterinary procedures. Knowing that kittens born to feral cats can be socialized at an early age, with the colony caretaker's permission, RPV takes responsibility for these kittens. All kittens are placed into our select foster homes where they are loved and socialized, provided all necessary veterinary care, and then adopted into approved homes. 

Since May 2021 RPV has adopted

272 kittens into their forever homes.

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The pup behind the pawprint

To learn more about Coconut and how

Rescue Pet Vet was started... Click Here.

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